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The use of a stethoscope is to listen to the internal sounds of the human body, particularly the sounds made by the human heart, lungs, and digestive system. This use may seem rather simple; however it is one of the essential methods that make up the diagnostic process.

Here at Pulse Store, the stethoscopes offered help in providing more precision in the process of auscultation. You may select from a collection of stethoscopes that provides accurate acoustics. These stethoscopes have special features such as thick- walled tubing, shatter-resistant structure, and ultra-sensitivity which help in yielding clear sounds even through several layers of clothing and bandages. Users are then assured of the durability and reliability that these devices possess.

These stethoscopes come from some of the most trusted providers of medical products to guarantee you superior quality. To ensure comfort for users, these are equipped with soft ear tips. These come in different colors and designs as well. With all of these features though, the stethoscopes are offered at low comparable costs. You may have one of these for as low as $10.95