With the seemingly-endless daily calls for demand for doctors and nurses, it may be easy for them to get exhausted as well. They are not superheroes anyhow. For this probable reason, certain things are already created to help lessen the burden that these medical professionals and students feel. Everybody knows that doctors and nurses are literally on their feet most of the time. Pulse Store then offers socks and hosiery that provide more care for your dear feet.

Support socks and sheer hosiery. From the name itself, these medical leg wears provide you support. These are also known as compression socks and hosiery. These leg wears are considered therapeutic; these will help in your blood circulation, thus making your legs and feet feel less tired. Furthermore, these will help prevent you from having circulation problems such as leg cramps and fatigue. The special duty that the support socks and support sheer hosiery provide is made possible by the fabrics comprising these. The said leg wears are made up of a combination of nylon and Lycra. With the strong fabrics, these hosiery and socks for nurses and doctors are able to provide pressure to the lower leg, the ankles, and the feet. The amount of pressure decreases at the upper part of the socks. More pressure must be concentrated on the feet; this is to prevent blood from gathering in it. This therefore forces blood to flow back to the heart, thus maintaining good circulation. These support socks and hosiery are tested and approved to be carrying the Lycra 3D label. The leg wears are also available in different shades, and is available in one size that fits all.