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Neurological hammers are used to test tendon reflexes. These tests are conducted to determine if a patient has central and peripheral nervous system disorders.

With the neurological hammers offered at Pulse Store, tendon reflex tests may be conducted with more convenience as these hammers only demand minimal amount of effort from the user to also ensure greater comfort for the patient.

You may select from our variety of Taylor and Babinski reflex hammers. Taylor hammers are incorporated with both modern design and functionality. The triangular head of each of these is made up of thermo-plastic-rubber and has soft base and rounded apex which is perfectly suited in provoking myotatic responses when striking the precise location of tendons. These may also be used in obtaining chest sounds and percussing the abdomen.

Each of the Babinski reflex hammers has a pointed end piece used to test nervous system response and a rubber head used to get reflex reaction. Portability is also provided as these can easily be carried in pockets with its unique telescoping feature.

These neurological hammers are provided by suppliers of high quality products such as Prestige Medical. You may get one of these hammers for as low as $4.95.