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They say that in order to feel good, sometimes one must also look good.

So just because their jobs involve some of the most demanding duties and hectic schedules, it does not mean that medical professionals and students always have to look like plain Janes and Joes while at work. After all, how one appears is important as well.

At Pulse Store, we let doctors, nurses, home healthcare workers, EMT s and students to simply accessorize! Pulse Store offers you medical accessories that are all funky yet functional. Not only can these items help create contrast from the stiff environment and serious situations that you are usually in, these items can also be extremely useful for your daily responsibilities.

Some accessories that you may find at Pulse Store are totes and bags, watches, lanyards and ID holders, pens and pen lights, blankets, caps.

Medical bags and totes. Whatever stuff you may have—from personal belongings to medical tools to important work papers—these bags will carry for you. These bags are built to just have the right size; these bags are not too bulky, but are big enough to let you carry your everyday must-haves.

You may also choose between backpacks and totes. If you are the type of person who puts functionality on top of your priority, or if you do need to carry more items than usual, then you may get one of our backpacks. Yet if you are the type who wants some flair to carry with your stuff, then you may select from our collection of totes. All of these bags come in different but versatile colors so you can mix and match it with whatever you wear. You may have one of these bags for only as low as $8.95.

Watches. So much to do, so little time. This is probably the kind of everyday situation that most doctors and nurses at work are in. One of the most important skills then that medical professionals must have (and everyone else for that matter) is time management. And what better way to practice this than to have one of the devices that measures time. With this, you will always aware of and be able to save time. Not to mention, you will be able to save money—that is if you get one of these watches at Pulse Store.

These watches for nurses, doctors and students come in a Chrome case, which gives these watches the element of versatility and the sleek look as well. Moreover, the watches have 24-dials, which allow you to switch from 12-hour to 24-hour time and vice versa with ease.

Lanyards ID holders. It is important for medical practitioners to always carry with them a form of identification. This increases safety and not to mention, prevents loss of IDs. Because of this, Pulse Store offers medical lanyards and ID holders. You may then have your identification cards anywhere with you. You may choose among the different colors that come with it.

Caps. Fun, fun, fun! If the surgical caps offered at Pulse Store can talk, that is what they will say. These surgical and scrub caps come in different colors, prints, sizes, and designs, so you can choose among which just will suit your style. Aside from those, these caps do not forget to take into consideration your comfort, as these caps include absorbent terrycloth sweatband.

Pens, penlights and blankets are also available in different colors that will suit your taste.