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There is no place like home. So nothing beats being taken care of inside the comforts of one's own place. Now for those of you who are the ones who take care of these people, we also have some of the items that you may need. Pulse Store offers home healthcare supplies and equipments such as blood pressure sets, nebulizers, digital thermometers, rubber goods, and otoscopes.

Blood pressure sets. These are one of the most essential devices used by a medical practitioner, as it is always important to measure blood pressure being it one of the principal vital signs. Pulse Store offers blood pressure sets that are automated and have a two-button operation and a self-adjusting inflation system. Nebulizers. These nebulizers have T-piece and mouth piece. Each of these nebulizers also has 2-meter oxygen to provide more comfort for your patient. Digital thermometers. Like everything digital nowadays, thermometers are as well of course. Not only are these digital thermometers provide accurate measurements, they are also very easy to use. With its beeping alert response after 60 seconds, one-touch button, and auto shut-off, these digital thermometers spell convenience. You may also choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius measurements. Aside from these, the last reading is also recorded. Otoscopes. These otoscopes have double light focus system, ensuring clear images. Moreover, the head of each of these otoscopes are removable, so it can be used as a penlight as well. Various medical rubber goods are also available.